Training videos
Learn more about using the EPR and its functions.

Video tutorial
Here you can find videos on the individual EPR functions

Logging in to the EPR portal

You can access the EPR portal at any time and anywhere, all you need is a secure internet connection. The following short videos show you how to log in to the EPR portal.

Account settings and EPR portal logout

The EPR has many account settings. For example, you can change the contact details or the EPR portal language. The video also explains how to log out of the EPR portal. 

Search for a patient in the EPR

Look here to see how to search for a patient in the EPR.

Manage documents

The EPR lets you store all your patients’ health data securely in one place where authorised health professionals and their assistants can access it at any time. However, document management involves much more than just retrieving documents.

Access to the EPR portal

There are various ways in which a health professional or assistant can access a patient’s EPR.

Please note: What is an assistant?
Health professionals can appoint an assistant to process data and documents in the EPR on their behalf. An assistant always acts in the name and on behalf of a specific health professional. For example, this could be practice assistants who, on behalf of a doctor, call up or store documents in the EPR.

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