Overview of Sanela’s services
As a member of the Sanela community, you can enjoy many advantages.

We are building a system to ensure that everyone in the healthcare sector can be accessed via a single platform. A technical connection (OneConnect) gives you access to the EPR platform and to the Cuore B2B platform. The legal requirements for an EPR connection are thus met, enabling users to benefit from B2B2C value-adding services at the same time. This results in additional benefits from an EPR not only for health professionals but also for the general public.

Digital solutions for more efficiency

  • High accessibility: One platform ensures nationwide accessibility for all players in the healthcare system as the basis for integrated care.
  • Interactions – simple, secure, digital: “Cuore – the Swiss healthcare platform” enables healthcare institutions to seamlessly work together and share information with different B2B2C service providers across industries and without media discontinuities. 
  • One technical connection – OneConnect: Current and future B2B2C use cases are accessed via one connection. This reduces interfaces, saves costs and can prevent errors.
  • Increased benefits for the general public: Health data from the B2B2C use cases is stored directly and securely in the EPR. The quality of treatment can be improved thanks to end-to-end processes.


Reference community with a future

  • Comprehensive: The Sanela reference community is the one with the largest catchment area in Switzerland.
  • Most recent status: The Sanela reference community is the first one to make the EPR available on Swiss Post’s new EPR platform.
  • Forward-looking: All EPR products and future B2B services will be available on this platform.
  • Access to B2B2C value-added services: “Cuore – the Swiss healthcare platform” offers access to a constantly growing range of value-added services for electronic communication with other healthcare facilities and patients. 
  • Fair fee model: Cost-effective EPR connection thanks to digital administration processes and end-to-end standardisation.

Other advantages of being a member of the Sanela community
  • An affiliation agreement is sufficient; association membership is not required
  • Digital, paperless administration processes
  • Efficient operations thanks to end-to-end standardisation
  • Comprehensive customer portal with information about the EPR
  • Powerful support for healthcare facilities and the general public
  • Customer care with broad experience (from university hospitals to medical practices)
  • EPR onboarding package with personal support for healthcare institutions
  • EPR access via web portal or via various integration levels in your primary systems.
  • Certified repository as a service for your EPR document storage.
  • All processes required for EPR operation are available via the customer portal.
  • Health professionals and the general public can choose from different providers of electronic identities (eID).
  • Digital EPR self-onboarding service for all of Switzerland (free of charge in eleven cantons).
  • Sanela Postbus and mobile opening centre can be booked for healthcare facilities and institutions.
  • Sponsors include Swiss Post, Sanela sponsorship association, and Cantosana AG
  • Certified reference community with members from a wide range of industries and professions
  • Assistance with further developing the EPR platform in Switzerland

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