How to close your EPR

We regret that you want to close your EPR. You can withdraw your consent and close your EPR at any time.

Please follow these steps:
Fill in the EPR revocation declaration

Fill in the EPR revocation declaration form. 

If you as the legal representative would like to close an EPR, please fill in the form Declaration of revocation by a legal representative.

Send the notice of revocation

Send the completed EPR declaration of revocation form and a copy of your ID to or to the following adress:

Post Sanela Health Ltd
Pfingstweidstrasse 60b
CH-8005 Zurich

Please note: Closing the EPR will delete all EPR documents but not the originals that are kept at the healthcare facilities. We recommend that you download and save all documents before revoking your consent.

We are happy to help

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