Swiss Post aims to continue to play a leading role in the field of electronic patient records. It has therefore acquired a majority stake in Axsana effective as of 30 September 2022. Working with the operating company of the electronic patient records makes it possible to standardise processes and technology. This provides more scope for investing in the future of the EPR and adds momentum to the digitalised Swiss healthcare system.

Swiss Post is convinced that the electronic patient record is a key element of the digital healthcare system of Switzerland. The 75% majority stake in Axsana as of 30 September 2022 will enable it to strengthen its role as a technology partner. Since October, Axsana has been operating and offering the electronic patient record with Swiss Post’s technical EPR infrastructure, thus clearing the way for a standardised system for this service. Swiss Post is continuously developing the technology so as to be prepared for future cases involving the application. This includes, for example, the e-vaccination dossier, eMedication for giving users an overview of their current medications, and ways of connecting the EPR to mobile devices and smartphones. Service providers such as doctors and hospitals as well as Switzerland's general public stand to benefit from the new applications in equal measure.


Swiss Post joins the Axsana Board of Directors

Axsana becomes a non-profit subsidiary of Swiss Post, although it will continue to operate independently in the market. Alongside Swiss Post, the cantons and service provider associations of the previous sponsorship organisation remain co-owners of Axsana and are represented accordingly in the Board of Directors. This ensures stability and strengthens the commitment for running and further developing the EPR in future. The Directors on the Board are Nicole Burth (Chair), Rajesh Nair and Annina Bernath representing Swiss Post, Pierre Alain Schnegg representing Cantosana, and Beat Gafner representing the sponsorship organisation XAD.