Your EPR
Your EPR
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Brief explanation of the EPR

The electronic patient record (EPR) is a digital collection of important information about your health. This includes, for example, hospital and care reports on examination results, medication lists and the digital vaccination record. You can easily and securely share this information with health professionals of your choice. Thanks to the EPR, your medical data is always available and retrievable via a secure internet connection. This means that you and the health professionals you authorise can access important health information at any time.

Your advantages 

The EPR lets you manage your health data
  • Control over your EPR – you decide who can access your health data.
  • Access to your health data – you and authorised health professionals can access your EPR at any time.
  • Immediately available in an emergency – essential information is available immediately in an emergency.
  • Secure in one place – your EPR is always available via a secure internet connection, and your health data is stored securely in Switzerland in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Better treatment quality and more patient safety – the two most important goals of the EPR. Improve the quality of your healthcare by setting up your EPR
  • Appointment of EPR deputies – share or delegate management of your EPR.



Manage your health data securely

Data protection and data privacy are of central importance where the EPR is concerned. This is governed by the Federal Act on the Electronic Patient Record (EPRA) and the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP), which have strict requirements on data protection and security. Sanela's EPR meets all these requirements. All data is stored in Switzerland. More information about measures to protect your health data at



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